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Hand Wash & Hand Sanitizers


Now, washing and sanitizing your hands is more important than ever. Most Dependable Fountains offers high quality, permanent handwashing stations and hand sanitizer stations for your outdoor space, park, zoo, playground, and more.

Outdoor Hand Wash Stations

We have both free-standing and wall-mounted fixed hand washing stations, depending on what your specific needs are. A permanent hand wash station will add value and convenience to your outdoor space. Ideal for high-traffic commercial and industrial areas, they are easy to install and maintain. Our hand wash stations are available in a plethora of colors and feature a stainless steel sink that is easy to keep clean and rust-free.

Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stations

Most Dependable Fountains offers outdoor stationary hand sanitizing stations, perfect for dog parks, zoos, apartment buildings, campgrounds, golf courses, and more. If you need a way to keep your hands clean when hand washing isn’t available, our outdoor hand sanitizer stations are convenient and push-activated. They are also sturdy and easy to install.

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