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Pet Fountains & Refresh Stations


When we are taking walks, playing in parks, and enjoying the fresh air, we can’t forget that our pets may get thirsty too. Most Dependable Fountains offers a few different options to include multiple pet drinking bowls, misters for cooling and waste stations in your outdoor space.

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Pet Step Station

Pet Wall Mount

Pet Waste Station & Bags

Pet waste stations are great for wherever pets visit, but especially in parks, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes. Through Most Dependable Fountains you have the option of bag dispensers with an included waste basket, pedestal bag dispensers, or just waste baskets. Each bag dispenser holds 600 bags and each wastebasket is a 10 gallon unit. You can choose between 16 different colors, as well as include bags, a locking trash can, or a hand sanitizing station.

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