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What clearance is needed for ADA?

To be ADA compliant, drinking fountains and bottle fillers are required to have knee space between the floor or ground and bottom of the fountain of at least 27 inches. The space should be at least 30 inches wide and 17 to 19 inches deep. There cannot be any equipment or other obstacles in the foot space.

Why doesn’t the 410 SM/SMSS meet ADA?

The 410 SM/SMSS meets all heights and spout positioning. ADA does require a High/Low drinking fountain.  This is a drinking fountain at a standard height and one at ADA height. Our dual 440 SM/SMSS meets this requirement.

Does a pet fountain come attached to my drinking fountain?

No, pet fountains are options and need to be specified. An example would be Model 440 SM with optional pet fountain.

I just want stainless steel – why do I have to choose a color?

We powder coat everything including stainless steel. This is added protection against surface rust. If you want to match the stainless steel unit please choose chrome as your color option.

Do I have to have the carrier for installation?

No, the unit can be bolted to the concrete pad. However, the carrier is recommended for new installations. There is no drilling involved when the carrier is used and it is a very clean installation.

What is the difference between SM and SMSS?

SM is surface mount installation-standard pipe. SMSS is surface mount installation-stainless steel pipe.

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