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ADA Compliant Drinking Fountains


Passed in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibited discrimination against disabled individuals. The ADA set regulations for public areas, such as movie theaters, doctor’s offices, restaurants, parks, etc.


What Makes a Water Fountain ADA Compliant?

To be ADA compliant, a drinking fountain must meet certain requirements. There are specific regulations related for knee clearance, floor space in front of or beside the fountain, spout location and height, and location of the control.


Fountain Knee Clearance

To be ADA compliant, wall-mounted water fountains are required to have knee space between the floor or ground and bottom of the fountain of at least 27 inches. The space should be at least 30 inches wide and 17 to 19 inches deep. There can’t be any equipment or other obstacles in the foot space.

Clear Floor Space

With wall-mounted water fountains, there must be a minimum of a 48 inch by 30 inch floor space in front of the unit to allow a wheelchair to make a forward approach. If the water fountain is in an alcove, the alcove must be at least 30 inches wide with a 24 inches maximum depth. For free-standing or built in units without space under them, there must be clear floor space of at least 30 inches by 48 inches so that the person in the wheelchair can make a side, or parallel, approach.

Spout Height and Location

Water spouts should be located at the front of the water fountain, and the water should flow out parallel or close to parallel to the front of the fountain. It should be a maximum of 36 inches from the floor or ground. If the water fountain is primarily used by children, the maximum height is 30 inches. The water should flow at least 4 inches high so that a cup or glass can be inserted.

Fountain Controls

Water fountain controls must be mounted on the front or side near the front edge.


Most Dependable Fountains offers a wide variety of ADA compliant drinking fountains, including both wall mounted and freestanding outdoor fountains. Our ADA drinking fountains are handicap accessible and built to last.

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